Am Rötelbach


Genießerpfad (Premiumweg)-Wasser-Wald-Wiesenpfad Bad Teinach-Zavelstein nach Calw

28.08.2021 · Community
This is a fantastic hike with lots of variety between woods and open fields. The start from Calw to the scaffold (Schafott) is quite a steep climb, but the section along the Rötelbach is well worth the reward. The first part after the Wanderheim is also very worthwhile: old idyllic farms, flowers and farmlands. The last few flat kilometers are a very comfortable walk, but certainly not the most spectacular part of the tour. For that reason, we recommend that you walk the route in a clockwise direction (like indicated): the steep part at the beginning, and the relatively easier flat part at the end.
Gemacht am 19.08.2021

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